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It is not necessary to be a billionaire to require security services these days. With the growing competition in every sector, rates of jealousy and crimes have also gained a hike. To alleviate the chances of being a victim of any mishap you ought to look forward to get security guard services for yourself, your offices and other places. Advance Facility Management Services has set a milestone in offering you various Security Guard Services in Mumbai. You can rely on our firm to enjoy complete protection against all possible miscreants. We take special care while recruiting our team members so that our clients don’t face fuss about anything. The services offered by our company are dedicated to endow you with a completely satisfactory and safe environment so that you can live freely without carrying worries about the security issues. We possess great ability in catching out the suspects and also strategize in a way that even a bird’s wing can’t reach out to you. Following are mentioned our best services under the spotlight of Security Guard Services in Mumbai.

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We dedicate out best possible efforts in giving you top class security. We strategize and plan first before implementing the activities as it is better to think before acting to achieve perfection. Ours is one among the best and most reputed security guard services in Mumbai and we head towards success by keeping you completely satisfied with our work. We offer our services for various locations like offices, corporate buildings, MNCs, banks, malls and hotels. For every distinct place we plan out in different ways and levels and then successfully implement our strategies to keep you and your assets safe and secured.


We also provide bodyguard services to ensure the safety of VIPs and other men of eminent importance. We value your life and thus recruit specially trained and knowledgeable team members in providing you safety from the upcoming threats. Our bodyguards and VIP security providers make sure that you are not left alone without their tight protection. For us, your safety is the only aim and target which is why our highly skilled members always keep an umbrella of their service over your head. These specialized services are always under our intent supervision so as to ensure that there is no possibility of error.


We make special arrangements for providing security services at different events like corporate parties, important and confidential meetings, and so on. Advance Facility Management Services is a well-known and trustworthy security agency in Mumbai. We maintain strict standard levels in keeping our clients satisfied and secured. With the use of latest technologies monitoring of events at large levels is possible without much hassle. Surveillance Monitoring is what we offer you to allocate and pick out every suspicious agent present in the event. We fit cameras and attach them to screens where we can take a live tour of your event and catch the suspects.
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